Competition Entries

This lovely design from the talented Alex Gracey (Ilkley Flower Club) was the North East Area entry in March’s Chairman’s Challenge “Spring Bonnet”.

We have our first placed entry in the 2021 Chairman’s Challenge competition! Step forward Kathleen Dodds from Northallerton who came Third in February’s competition “Valentine’s Time”

Congratulations to these individuals who have gone forward to represent the North East Area in the 2021 Chairman’s Challenge competition.

Dot Maguire, Barwick in Elmet Flower Club. January: Burns Night

Here are the RESULTS of the Christmas competition. Congratulations to everyone who supported the Area and especially to the prizewinners. We were lucky to secure the services of Janet Hayton as a Judge. Janet comments: Many congratulations to everyone who entered this competition. It was just wonderful to have so many lovely designs to look at and indeed it was extremely difficult to pick the winners.

FIRST PRIZE: Sheila Rodgers, Pennine Borders FC. A lovely warm design which really depicts the class title. Many congratulations

SECOND PRIZE: Sue Guilliatt, North Ferriby FC A Christmas wreath which is well staged and fits perfectly into its surroundings. The addition of another cinnamon stick(s) in the gap towards the top left would just complete the visual balance of the design.

THIRD PRIZE: Dot McGuire, Barwick-in-Elmet FCA creative and interesting Christmas wreath showing very good use of rhythmic materials. It is a pity that the large amount of shiny black drape is very dominant and therefore detracts from the design.

VERY HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jennifer Harrison, Knaresborough FC An interesting and atmospheric design with an exciting selection of plant materials. The baubles in the centre are the largest items in the design and do tend to dominate. Slightly larger groupings of berries/ foliage would help to counteract this.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jennifer Harrison, Knaresborough FCA well- executed design with good colour harmony. The candle, although rather dominant fits perfectly into the subtle colour scheme. More contrast within the design would help to highlight the class title.

COMMENDED: Janet Ratcliffe, Halifax FC A lovely mixture of foliage which along with the candles certainly give the feel of a warm celebration of Christmas. The groupings of foliage could perhaps be more sharply defined in order to give a clearer shape to the overall design.

COMMENDED: Elaine Cherrington, Beverley FC A seasonal exhibit with good groupings of well- chosen plant materials. Perhaps a few more baubles could have been added to give added sparkle! A continuous background and base would help to create continuity

COMMENDED: Joyce Hearnshaw, Huddersfield FC What fun! He even seems to have happy expression on his face. Would like to have seen like a bit more body as he looks just a little top heavy.

Entry U – Denise Smith

Entry V – Diane Hardcastle

Entry W – Diane Hardcastle

Entry Y – Joan Asquith

Entry AA – Joyce Hearnshaw

Entry AB – Rosemary Weir

Entry AD – Joan O’Brien

Entry Q – Alex Gracey

Entry R – Sandy Evans

Entry S – Sandy Evans

Entry T – Sandra Harder

Entry M Alex Gracey

Entry N – Joan McBurney

Entry O – Madeline O’Beirne

Entry P – Madeline O’Beirne

Entry G – Pat Daley

Entry H – Pat Daley

Entry I – Sheila Drybrough

Entry J – Sheila Drybrough

Entry A – Anne Lindsay

Entry B – Barbara Leeming

Entry C – Joan McBurney

Entry D – Frances Postlethwaite