Photographs of exhibits and arrangements

Sue Spencer and Mary Adam designed this representation of the Great Yorkshire Countryside and won a Gold for their efforts at the Great Yorkshire Show!

Embsay with Eastby Flower Club were honoured to design and construct this exhibit to commemorate the 40th (Ruby, of course!) anniversary of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.

The designers (L-R) Sandra Harder, Vivienne Burfitt, Christine Tetlow and Jill Osborne

Halifax Flower Club Flower Festival at Halifax Minster Below are some images (© Gordon Ratcliffe) taken at the superb Flower Festival organised by the Club to commemorate (amongst other things) the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo


“Those Left at Home”

“The War Horse”

Janet Ratcliffe, the Halifax Flower Club chairman flanked by Dr Ingrid Roscoe, the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire and Rev Canon Hilary Barber from Halifax Minster

Harrogate Autumn Show 2015 Congratulations to John Hawkeridge from Ripon Flower Club who won Best in Show at Harrogate this autumn with his design entered into the contemporary “Synchronised” class.

also Joan McBurney from Haxby & Wiggington Flower Club won Best use of Colour in her first prize winning exhibit in the “Any Old Iron” class

SCARBOROUGH SPREE 2015 Here are some random images taken of Andrew Grisewood’s demonstration on the Saturday afternoon of the Spree which kept all the delegates entertained.

PENISTONE SHOW 2015 Rain on the morning of Saturday 12 September did not dampen the enthusiasm of members of Huddersfield Flower Club who designed this beautiful exhibit entitled (of course!) “Strictly Come Dancing”. It was created by Joyce Hearnshaw (lead designer), Sheila Drybrough, Hilary Gee, Eileen Hinchliffe, and Janine Castello. The stage mechanics were created by Arthur and Jackie Haigh.

Great Yorkshire Show 2015 Here are a few pictures of the exhibit that was designed for the 2015 Great Yorkshire Show by Vanessa Wellock and created by Vanessa Wellock, Sandra Harder and Julie Goldthorpe:

Harrogate Spring Show 2015 Here are some pictures taken at the Harrogate show by Elaine Bedford.

Best in Show: Barbara Leeming, Barwick in Elmet Flower Club. ‘Al Fresco’

‘Celebration’ (Club Class) First Prize: Ripon Flower Club

‘Creatures of the Deep’, First Prize: Charlotte George

‘Fantasia’, First Prize: Elaine Bedford

‘Fire’ North East Area, Gold Medal

The North East Area ‘Fire’ designers with their Gold award

‘Garden Gate’ – First Prize, Anne Davidson’

WAFA Qualifier (North East Area) – First Prize, Pat Hutchinson

Penistone Show 2014 This sparkling exhibit was created by Jannette Fearnley, Margaret Kingswood, Pat Broadbent and Lynda Whittaker from Wakefield Flower Club. The design was appropriately enough an interpretation of NAFAS’ Emerald Anniversary.

Harrogate Autumn Flower Show 2014 The North East Area were well represented at Harrogate in September. Congratulations to everybody taking part. The Area and Club exhibits were themed on Yorkshire tourist attractions: Ilkley Flower Club designing the Area exhibit ‘The Forbidden Corner’

Scarborough Flower Club’s interpretation of the Jorvik Viking Centre:

Ripon Flower Club’s design of the Royal Armouries, Leeds:

North Ferriby Flower Club’s attraction was appropiately enough ‘The Deep’:

and finally Doncaster Flower Club’s design was of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Bretton Hall

Photographs of the 1st Prizewinners for the individual classes were as follows: ‘A Planter with a Past’ by John Hawkridge

‘Apples are the Jewels of Autumn’ by Elaine Bedford

‘Floral Tapestry’ by Susan Hall

‘Harvest of Colour’ by Joan Davy

‘Topsy Turvey’ by Joan McBurney

‘Untameable’ by Carys Harrison

Hardwick Hall The North Midlands Area of NAFAS held a Competition and Show at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire and the North East Area’s Exhibit was staged by June Borrowdale and Janet Firth:

Photographs kindly taken by Ann Harding of the designs by Sue Maddocks and Eileen Barraclough at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate in July 2014

Exhibits by North East Area members at WAFA Dublin 2014:

Class 1, On the World’s Edge: Eileen Barraclough, Second Prize

Class 25, Weaving Dreams: Pam Kitchen, Second Prize

Class 10, Winter Solstice: Sheila Rodgers (Commended)

Class 25, Weaving Dreams: Elaine Bedford (Commended)

Class 15, Vertical Thoughts: Margaret Titman

Class 26, Twigs and Twine: Carys Harrison

A view of the Main Hall at Dublin on the opening day

Winning Exhibits at Harrogate Spring Show 2014

Class 1, Art Knows No Limits: (Club class) Ripon Flower Club: First Prize

Class 2, On your Bike: Sally Brass; Northallerton Flower Club: First Prize

Class 3, Puzzlement: Patricia Bundy, Ossett Flower Club: Fourth Prize

Class 4, A Fascinator (Miniature): Madge Wilson; Dinnington Flower Club: First Prize

Class 5, There’s Something in the Air: Sally Brass, Northallerton Flower Club: First Prize

Class 6, Divers’ Discovery: Joan McBurney, Haxby & Wiggington Flower Club: First Prize

Class 7, Quirky & Strange: Dorothy McGuire; Barwick-in-Elmet Flower Club: Second Prize

Class 8, Fire & Ice: Pat Hutchinson; Ripon Flower Club: First Prize and Best in Show

Class 9, Messing About on the River: Joan Davey; Ripon Flower Club: Second Prize

Class 10, Ballet: Elaine Bedford, New Dimensions Flower Club: Second Prize

Class 11, Dazzling Bright, Woven Delight: Eileen Barraclough; Bradford Flower Club: Second Prize

Class 12, Nostalgia: Joan Davey, Ripon Flower Club: First Prize

Junior Class, A Garden for Wildlife: Rosie Ford (Skipton): First Prize

Area Class, ’1000 Days in Venice’ – Bronze Award

A full list of prizewinners can be downloaded here

Exhibits by North East Members at the National Show, Bournemouth 2013

Class 2: Not Only but Also. Sally Brass (Commended)

Class 9: Illumination. Caroline Nash

Class 21: Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Amelia Parker (Second)

Class 21: Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Amy George (Third)

Class 20: Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Charlotte George (Third)

Class 24: ‘Pivotal’. Eileen Barraclough (Commended)

Class 18: Lazy Days of Summer. Elaine Bedford

Class 13: ‘Sweetly in her Green Dell the Flower of Beauty Slumbers’. Kathleen Dodds (First)

Class 13: ‘Sweetly in her Green Dell the Flower of Beauty Slumbers’. Kathleen Dodds (First) – (Detail)

Class 10: ‘Do You See what I See? (Miniature)’ Margurita Braithwaite

Class 8: ‘Of Land and Sea’. Susan Fairhurst

Class 3: ‘Fête Champêtre’ (Area Exhibit). Carys Harrison and Margaret Titman (Commended)

Class 5: ‘You Rang?’. Pam Kitchen

Class 5: ‘You Rang?’. Pam Kitchen (detail)

Class 7: ‘Alcheringa’ (Petite) Margurita Braithwaite

Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2013

Crowds enjoying the Floral Design marquee on the Saturday of the 2013 Harrogate Spring Show

Photographs of the Bronze Award winning exhibit at Harrogate Spring Show 2013 “Isle of Arran”. Designers: Rita Sykes, Marion Waldock, Joan Fox, Andrea Parker and Christine Hebblethwaite.

Photographs from the NAFAS National Show 2012

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